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Coonskin Cap

$ 17.95

Pete's Town has a Coonskin Cap for all ages! We have a synthetic look-a-like coonskin cap that gives you that Davey Crockett apperance! Durable, warm and stylish for the pioneer in you.

The coonskin cap is the icon of early American history. Explorers and frontiersmen like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were depicted wearing coonskin caps in the print of the time. The cap was very common. It is reported that even Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin wore coonskin caps.

The recorded history of the coonskin cap or hat started when settlers from Europe first came over to North America in the early 1600’s. Natives used the skins of small animals to make hats for winter use. Many of the small predators such as foxes, skunks and, of course, raccoons were used in the making. Raccoons were the right size for the whole skin to be used and their fur quality was excellent. Essentially, the coonskin cap is composed of the fur of the body of a raccoon, complete with the tail of the animal. In many versions, the head of the raccoon is left intact and is located on the front section of the cap.


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